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Is Your Child Having a Problem at School?

Here are some quicktips that may help to solve a problem your child is facing at school:

1. Talk calmly with your child. Ask questions and listen quietly. Often the solution will become clear just by ...more

Health & Wellness

Safe Schools Healthy Students

Woodcrest Elementary school in partnership with local public mental health, law enforcement, and juvenile justice entities will be working to focus on:

  • Creating a safe school environment and promoting violence prevention activities
  • Encourage student behavioral, social, and emotional support networks
  • Provide necessary mental health and counseling services
  • Provide early childhood social and emotional learning programs

Our school main objectives are to:

  • Engage students in more pro-social behaviors
  • Promote positive mental health
  • Prevent violent behavior
  • Collaborate with parents, community, and other agencies or social services to ensure the wellbeing of each student

We are committed to improving our school through the efforts of staff collaboration:

Safe Schools Healthy Students Initiative has been assigned to Woodcrest Elementary School to support the goals of the School Improvement Grant in the following ways:

  • Work directly with students, teachers, and families to provide mental health services
  • Assist in coordinating the implementation of Second Step: Violence Prevention Curriculum
  • Provide mentors for students through partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters and members of West Athens Community Task Force
  • Promote Substance Abuse Awareness/ Prevention lessons and activities
  • Coordinate and teach Bully Prevention/Intervention
  • Provide daily discipline intervention, student counseling, and classroom behavior management assistance
  • Introduce Coordination of Services Team (COST) and monitor data, link services to support student academic, social, and behavioral needs

We are pleased to have other staff and outside agencies such as:


  •  LAUSD Mental Health                                                                                 • Didi Hirsh
  • LAUSD School Police                                                                                 • The Audrey & Sydney L.A. Sherriff's Youth Center
  • LA County Department of Mental Health (DMH)                                            • Hathaway Sycamore                                   
  • Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters (CBBBS)                                                •St. John's Medcal Centers
  • LA County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)                  • Kedren Mental Health    
  • LA County Department of Public Health
  • LA County Probation Department                                                              
  • LA County Human Relations Commission


Our 5th grade students also participate in the California Healthy Kids Survey as a way to measure our success and drive decision-making about our school's care and services. Please visit our Main Office if you would like more information.

Health Suport Staff

Anitha Thirunavukarasu

Speech Therapist

Woodcrest Elementary School

phone: 323-756-1371


Joann Palma

Psychiatric Social Worker

Woodcrest Elementary School

phone: 323-756-1371


Tina Haymond

School Psychologist

Woodcrest Elementary School

phone: 323-756-1371


Chibuzo Anusiem

School Nurse

Teaching Diversity

Every month we will post important articles that address important issues to help build positive relations among a diverse community. Scholastic is a wonderful resource to give parents, students, and teachers information. Our featured article this month "Teaching Diversity; A Place to Begin," emphasizes the importance of educators teaching children respect for cultural differences. We hope you enjoy this article!