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Woodcrest Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    "Woodcrest Elementary School is a learning community of parents, teachers, administrators, staff, and students, who are dedicated to providing a safe, loving and academically challenging environment for all students, so they will be fully prepared to effectively participate as lifelong learners in a diverse global society"

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    Team Work Makes the Dream Work

    Language Translator

    Peace Builders

    Peace Builders' Focus Area: Creating a Peaceful Environment- recite the PeaceBuilders pledge daily.

    Focus on the Guiding Principle: Respect

    The 3- B's for Woodcrest Tigers

    Students are encouraged to remember that at Woodcrest we practice the 3- B's:

    • BE SAFE

    Breakfast in the Classroom

    breakfast.gifBreakfast in the Classroom program continues at Woodcrest Elementary. We are currently accepting parent or community members who wish to assist in our morning breakfast serving routines in classrooms. Please see Mrs. O'Quinn or go to Main Office and ask for volunteer opportunity.


    Measure EE

    measue ee

    Measure EE – June 4, 2019 Special Local School Parcel Tax Election


    To provide additional local schools funding, the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education voted to place Measure EE on the ballot in a special local school funding election on June 4, 2019.


    Measure EE would create a 16-cent per square foot school parcel tax to provide local funding to retain and attract quality teachers, reduce class sizes and support instructional programs in arts, music, science, technology, English and math.


    Parents we need your support in the classroom, cafeteria, play yard, and for special projects. Please come into the office and get a volunteer form, and do the following:

      > Complete a volunteer application online

      > Take a TB test (Negative results)

      > If volunteering for more than 16 hrs. per week, finger printing will be required.

      > Bring everything to the Main Office and give it to Ms.Rosa, Assistant Principal

    Come one, come all and help support your school!!!!


    Tiger Calendar

    Visit the LAUSD's Blueprint for Wellness site.  Please click on the link below.

    Visite el sitio web del Plan de Bienestar de LAUSD.  Oprima el enlace de enseguida.


    Blueprint for Wellness


    Measure EE

    measue ee


    Iniciativa EE – Elección Local Especial de Impuesto por Parcela para el Financiamiento Escolar, 4 de junio de 2019


    Para proporcionar financiamiento adicional por control escolar local, la Junta de Educación del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Los Ángeles votó para incluir la Iniciativa EE en la boleta electoral, en una elección local especial para el financiamiento escolar, el 4 de junio de 2019.


    La Iniciativa EE, un impuesto por parcela de 16 centavos por pie cuadrado proporcionaría financiamiento escolar local para conservar y atraer a maestros de calidad, reducir, los tamaños de las clases, y apoyar los programas de instrucción que incluyen el arte, la música, las ciencias, la tecnología, el inglés, y las matemáticas.